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Every Tuesday we do a $5 challenge. We ask you to give just $5 to help shelter and rescue dogs in Michigan.  With each $5 you donate each week you will be entered to win a prize we choose for that week.

Help us help them in some way have better lives, whether it is covering adoption fees, buying dog/cat food, supplying blankets or cleaning supplies, help us help them. You, of course can give any day of the weel and still be entered for that weeks prize. As always thank you for your continued support for our fur babies.

Click the link below to make your secure donation today.

FREE give away every week on our Facebook page

T shirts for a cause, Help save animals Lives

One a Day giveaway raffle

Bravelets Jewelry to Save Animal Lives

July is One a Day month where we give one prize away veryday for 30 days straight. Each prize is worth at least $10, most are worth over $20 and tickets are only $2 each.

The great thing about one a day is if I pull your name on any da you not only win that days prize but your name goes back in the bucket and can be pulled again, so you can win multiple times in a month. 

100% of proceeds for to TEAR, a non profit that helps pet owners pay for care when they can not afford the full cost.

​Get your tickets today and help save an animals life.

Help Pay for adoption fees so more animals have homes

Every month for over a year now Krista and I make blessing bags for the homeless in and around the Detroit area to hand out. Each bag has an array of item plus we add some cash to each bag. If you would like to help us help these folks feel a bit better about themselves please check out our Amazon wish list below. Help us make a difference in those who are less fortunate and be a vessel of love. Thank you all so very much for supporting ALL of our efforts to help ALL with no voice or less of a voice. Much love to all <3.

Handmade signs from Signs by Rhonda in Michigan to raise funds for TEAR

Join us today and purchase an amazing piece of beautiful jewelry at a reasonable price and a portion of the sale will go to the non profit TEAR foundation. This jewelry helps you make a statement about your cause while being stylish and standing out. There are so many pieces to choose from we are sure you will find something you love.

Check out these hand made signs and see if any strike your fancy. 100% of money raised by these signs will go to TEAR to help pet owners pay for care. These signs make a great addition to any home, bar or office and are 100% hand made right here in Michigan. Signs start at $15 plus actual shipping and can be shipped anywhere. Feel free to message us to see if we can get a special request sign done for you. As always thank you for the support.

With Every purchase of one of these high quality T shirts a portion of the proceeds go to the non profit TEAR fund to help pet owners pay for care when they can not afford the full price as well as helping shelters and rescues pay for care for their animals.

We have several different styles to choose from with several different captions, make a purchase at the link below and help save an animals life.

Helping to feed seniors

We are selling these furry friend stylish bandanas in different colors and sayings. We have them in two sizes, one for the smaller dogs and one for medium to large dogs.

Red - "I'm the reason we can't have nice things" with Love with a paw print.

Blue with "Eat, Play, Love" with a bone, a ball and paw print.

All prices include shipping and handling and fees. Our portion will go to the TEAR fund to help pet owners pay for care when the can not afford the total cost and a small portion will go to Bugaboo to help fund future raffles and prizes.

Best of Detroit / Michigan Raffle

Every Tuesday here at Bugaboo Headquarters is Giving Tuesday!!!!!!

Saving Animal Lives

The Emergency Animal Relief Fund is a registered non profit that helps pet owners par for care when they can not afford the full cost, as well as helping shelters and rescues pay for care, paying for care for animals who are injured and brought in by good Samaritans and funding cancer research for both humans and animals to find more effective treatments.

Our grants start at $500 each. Please help us build grants at the link below, even a single dollar helps. These grants save animal lives so pets do not need to be put down or dumped on a cold shelter floor simply for lack of funds. These grants keep furry family members where they belong, with those who love them. Please donate today.

On October 21st, 2019 our 9th annual winner will be drawn at OVRS at 8 :00 pm. Be sure you have your tickets and are entered to win this amazing package.

This is the mother of ALL raffles!!!!! This is YOUR chance to win an amazing collection of PURE Michigan products all in ONE place. Always wanted that elusive deck of Strohs cards? Always wanted to see Detroit's own Americas Thanksgiving day parade? Have a family member in a different state who would love a coney kit from the iconic American Coney Island? Want to take an entire year with your family to explore all The Henry Ford, Greenfield Village and Detroit Zoo have to offer? This is THE original BEST OF MICHIGAN RAFFLE!

Over $3500.00 worth of Pure Michigan goods including; Two James, Valentine Vodka, Faygo, Vernors, Better Made, Sanders, American coney Island, Little Diablo Salsa, Signs by Rhonda, Motor City Brick, Detroit Surf Co., Memberships to The Henry Ford and Detroit Zoo, grandstand passes to Americas' Thanksgiving Day Parade, restaurants plus so much more all surrounding a child's power wheels Escalade. 

Just take a look at just SOME of the items in the basket, there is SO much MORE! And YES ONE ticket will win it all and YES the Escalade is included!

Tickets are only $10 Each and 100% goes to TEAR to help save animal lives and fund cancer research.

Drawing will be held October 27,  2018  you do NOT need to be present to win.

If you live in the metro Detroit area we will deliver if you live elsewhere shipping and handling is your responsibility.

Help the homeless of Detroit with blessing bags

Dog bandanas for a cause

Michigan is one of four states that has been hit the hardest for those on Social Security receiving food assistants. Many of our seniors have been cut down to $16 a month. It is a sad situation for many of our older folks. We have decided to help those in our area. Monies raised with this fundraiser will be used to by food for seniors in south east Michigan. This is NOT a tax deductible donation, but will help ease and make lives better for those who sacrificed to make this country great. You can donate safe and secure at the PayPal link below, just put seniors in the note area.

Many times folks would love a pet and can afford routine vet care, but sometimes adoption fees are just too much because the fee must cover previous medical care, spay/neuter, etc.

Often times these animals can be saved from being put to sleep at over populated shelters with a simple adoption fee paid for. Many of these wonderful animals have been dumped by previous owners for being "too old", No longer fun, no longer cute, no longer playful, but they still have lots and lots of life and love to give and they are wanted by someone out there. Help us save their live by donating today to help cover those adoption fees. Click the link below, no amount is too small. Thank you all.

Build a grant

Every week on our Facebook page we give away at least one FREE item. All you have to do to be entered to win is like or comment on ANY of the videos I post that week. Yep, it really is that simple. Click the link below to go to our Facebook page and friend us there or just follow us and watch the videos, drop a comment or a like and you are entered for each week. Check back often as winners are announced every Saturday for the previous week. And sometimes we may just give away something for free just because we love you, so check back often and watch our videos.